Safety Code Violations

If you own a company or if you are a tenant within the state of Florida, you are required to adhere to state and federal safety code standards to keep the public safe and prevent lawsuits from being filed against you.

Florida Safety Code Violation Lawyers

Florida has very strict guidelines for public safety. As property owners, you must adhere to these guidelines to keep customers and bypassers safe.

Failure to Warn

Whenever there is construction or cleaning being performed in or around a company, it is crucial to place visible signs that around the areas to properly warn people. For example, if a floor is being mopped, a bright sign saying “Wet Floor” will alert customers to slippery hazards. This will make visitors more aware of their surroundings. They may take a different route through the building or simply step carefully through the area, preventing what could have become dangerous slips and falls.

Failure to Protect

If your company is in an area that is rampant with crime and violence, you have an obligation to take necessary steps to prevent such unfortunate events from occurring within your building. You should have video cameras installed in your commercial property to keep track of suspicious activity and install all proper locks. You may also wish to avoid see-through windows or other factors that may cause outside criminals to attack or cause harm to your customers.

Inadequate Repairs

It is your duty to ensure that you hire efficient people to clean, repair and do construction on your commercial property. If a repair is done poorly, such as a broken doorknob, punctured roof, or weak glass window, there is a greater likelihood that someone may be hurt.

Violating Safety Regulations Have Serious Consequences

Failure to follow the state of Florida’s safety code guidelines can have devastating effects
on your business and the surrounding community.

If someone is harmed on your commercial property, the aftermath may be detrimental to you, your family, your overall reputation, your business, your finances and your legal wellbeing. If there is proof that you did something (or failed to do something) that contributed to an unnecessary injury to a customer or bypasser, you may be in serious trouble.

  1. First, you may seriously injure someone. Safety code violations are nothing to joke about. When precautions are not properly placed, people can experience major injuries. Slips and falls, or being hit by large equipment/collapsing walls, can impair one’s sight, hearing, mobility, ability to use one’s limbs and organs properly. The worst case scenarios have placed people into comas and even caused death. Do not allow blood and tears to be shed because of failure to follow safety procedures.
  2. Next, you may be sued. People do not like to be injured. It often distorts their way of life, causing them to be absent from work, lose wages, accrue costly medical expenses, and experience general pain and suffering. They deserve compensation to restore their lives. If a person is injured on your property, a lawsuit against you can cost you hundreds, thousands, even billions of dollars depending on the severity of the case.
  3. Further, you may lose your business. You have spent years of hard work, sweat and tears to develop and lead a company. But if caught for a safety code violation (whether someone is injured or not), your company can be at risk. Florida safety code enforcers may assign costly fines to you that are almost impossible to pay. As a business owner, you are expected to be well-versed with the requirements and privileges that you have, as well as the laws that govern your business rights. If you are unable to meet these, you may be perceived as unfit. Too many violations may cause your company to be foreclosed. It can take years to restore your brand and reputation after such business closure occurs. Plus, the process to reopen your business after a serious code violation can be lengthy and tedious. Most are unsuccessful.

Gainesville Personal Injury Attorneys

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