Property Damage

Gainsville Property Damage Attorneys

Have a denied claim? Our attorneys fight for your rights, even against the most aggressive insurance companies.

In Florida, there are many reasons why you might need to file a property damage claim. In addition to careless or reckless drivers who damage your property during an accident, fire, water and vandalism can also cause serious damage to your home or property. Our property damage attorneys are experts in gathering evidence, filing a claim, and litigating a claim if necessary.

Property Damage in Gainesville, FL

Property damage can occur through willful acts of others such as vandalism, through accidental occurrences like an automobile accident, or through acts of nature like fire or water. The damage that a home or structure receives during a flood or fire can be catastrophic, and during these times buildings are often rendered unsafe and unlivable. While property damage insurance carriers often provide protection for some causes of destruction, such as fire, flood, mold, sewer and water damage, each policy can differ. At Warner, Sechrest & Butts, our personal injury and property damage attorneys highly recommend ensuring your property insurance covers fire, lightning, wind, water, mold and flood.

Most people think of their homes or commercial buildings when they hear the phrase “property damage,” but other assets can be included in the “property” category. Furniture, boats, artwork and musical instruments can be considered property for which you may want to obtain coverage. These types of property can be just as costly as a house and often hold just as much sentimental value to owners.

Property Damage Claims

Even if your home and belongings are fully covered, the rebuilding and payout process can be lengthy. Losing your home to extreme vandalism or an electrical fire is devastating, and it leaves many people homeless with nowhere to turn. It’s easy to see how financial hardships can quickly take hold in a situation such as this, and our property damage lawyers can help you feel a sense of relief and hope by fighting for your right to compensation. It is not mandatory to obtain legal guidance when filing an insurance claim for property damage, but our attorneys can prove helpful in critical moments through evidence collection and ensuring that your paperwork is filed correctly for a more timely response. We also make ourselves available for times when an insurance adjuster is present so that your rights can be protected at all times. It is important to note that insurance adjusters only do right by the insurance company, and their job is to find reasons why the insurance company does not have to pay your claim. Our attorneys in Gainesville, FL work with all sorts of insurance companies regularly, so we know all the tricks and can keep you from falling into a trap.

Property Damage Caused By Car Accidents

Car accidents happen daily across the state of Florida and many of these accidents cause damage to innocent people’s homes and property. In Florida, drivers must carry specific forms of automobile insurance to protect them from liability in a property damage situation. The type of property might include another driver’s vehicle, a fence, a home, a garage or a swimming pool. But some drivers skirt the law willingly, which means when they drive recklessly and damage another person’s property, they may flee the scene. Even if they are caught, it’s unlikely they will have the funds to pay for your damages.

If your property has been damaged during a car accident, contact our Gainesville attorneys who specialize in property damage and personal injury cases. We can provide you with expert counsel, evidence gathering services, and even help you file the right paperwork for a claim. And if an uninsured driver is the cause of the accident, we can help you receive compensation. It’s important to note that even with insured drivers, a payout can be difficult. Insurance companies rarely want to settle or pay a fair amount. Don’t accept any sum of money that you think is unfair. Our skilled team of lawyers can go after a fair amount of compensation that will help you replace or rebuild your damaged property.

Has Your Claim Been Denied?

If an insurance company has denied your property damage claim, don’t give up hope. Contact the property damage attorneys of Warner, Sechrest & Butts. We are dedicated to the well-being of our clients and we’ll never back down, even against the most aggressive insurance companies. If you’re in the middle of a property damage claim, contact us immediately so that we can help you receive compensation.

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