Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Riding a motorcycle shouldn’t be a life or death situation. In 2012, Florida, Texas and California led the nation in motorcycle accident fatalities, and the number of accident-related deaths are expected to continue to rise. Thanks to the beautiful weather in Florida, enthusiasts can ride their motorcycles throughout the year, but the abundance of riders on the road only puts them at a higher risk for injury or death.

Many factors can increase the risks of a motorcycle accident, including inclement weather, traveling at high speeds, high volumes of traffic and alcohol consumption, and these factors can also affect the severity of injuries that result in a motorcycle accident. The lack of a helmet and the size of the motorcycle can also put a rider at a greater risk for more severe injury during an accident. Motorcyclists are at an obvious disadvantage when struck by another vehicle — even smaller sedans outweigh a motorcycle, and a driver of a truck, car or SUV is protected by a bumper, seat belt and airbags. At Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A., our personal injury lawyers work hard to fight for the rights of motorcycle accident victims because we understand these types of accidents can be tragic.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Gainesville

While there are plenty of videos on the Internet capturing motorcyclists showing off or topping out at great speeds, the reality is that the majority of motorcycle accidents are not caused by riders but by other drivers on the road. Our personal injury and motorcycle accident attorneys support biker enthusiasts, and we believe that your choice to ride should not automatically put you in danger. Our attorneys are dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers presented to riders every day, and we fight for the rights of each of our clients who have been injured due to the carelessness or reckless driving of others.

Motorcycle Accident Prevention in Florida

Florida is home to thousands of motorcycle owners, and its also a popular destination for tourists who bring their bikes to ride in the warm weather or to showcase at many of the bike shows around the state such as Daytona Bike Week. And while it seems that everyone in Florida should be on the lookout for motorcyclists, awareness campaigns have done very little to prevent fatalities in the state. In 2011, 91 percent of motorcyclists killed in an accident were Florida residents.

In order to keep our bikers safe, all vehicle operators — including riders — must stay attentive to the road. Both parties are responsible for driving safely, and we’ve compiled a list of tips that riders and other drivers can use to help avoid motorcycle accidents in Florida.

Safety Tips for Riders:

  • Take a motorcycle safety course. These courses can help you learn how to avoid accidents and react quickly when a driver doesn’t see you on the road.
  • Wear a helmet. In Florida, the law does not require riders to wear a helmet, but protecting your skull should be a top priority. Additional safety gear can make it easier for drivers to see you on the road during the day and night.
  • Drive with a heightened sense of awareness. For motorcyclists, hitting the cruise control button isn’t an option. You need to stay aware of your surroundings at all times, and that means anticipating reckless driving behaviors from other drivers. Obeying the speed limit, avoiding tailgating and using turn signals can help reduce the risk of being in a motorcycle accident.

Safety Tips for Drivers:

  • Always look for motorcycles before pulling into traffic or crossing a lane when making a turn. Some tips advise drivers to take 3 seconds to look for incoming traffic before pulling out, which doesn’t sound like very long, but 3 seconds can help you identify a motorcycle heading in your direction.
  • Don’t tailgate a motorcycle. Should the rider wreck due to uneven pavement or debris on the road, you could run the rider over with your vehicle. Maintain a safe distance.
  • When driving in Florida, train yourself to look for motorcycles and scooters in your blind spots, at intersections and when pulling out into traffic. Sometimes drivers assume the absence of a car or truck means it’s safe to advance. A few extra seconds to make sure the way is clear is worth saving a life.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney if You’ve Been Injured

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Florida, contact a personal injury and motorcycle accident attorney. We have represented victims of all types of accidents, but there’s often a stigma that motorcycle accidents victims are always at-fault. This is rarely the case in our experience. If another party or an insurance company tries to make you take the blame for your injuries, contact a Gainesville attorney who will fight for your rights. We can speak to the insurance company on your behalf and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. If someone you love has died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, don’t hesitate — contact our office immediately.

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