Car Accident FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Car Accidents

The following are some of the most common questions about car accidents our law firm is asked. Contact the personal injury lawyers at Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. in Gainesville, FL, to learn more.

What do I do after a car accident?

After a car accident, you should contact law enforcement immediately. The police will investigate the accident and can preserve evidence that may be useful in a personal injury claim. Also, seek out medical attention for your injuries.

How soon after an accident should I contact a lawyer?

As soon as you are able, contact a personal injury law firm and schedule an appointment. The Gainesville personal injury lawyers from Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. can provide legal advice and help you pursue a claim for damages.

What is PIP insurance?

Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance is insurance coverage for medical expenses and other damages. PIP insurance may pay out damages regardless of who is at fault.

How can I protect myself against uninsured drivers?

To protect yourself against uninsured drivers, make sure your own insurance coverage is comprehensive enough to address accidents involving uninsured drivers. Also, if you are in an accident, contact the police so they can identify the driver and issue any appropriate citations.

What are my legal rights after a car accident?

After a car accident, you are entitled to receive compensation for damages you incur when the other driver was negligent. Irresponsible drivers should be held accountable for damages they cause.

Can passengers make a claim to recover damages for injuries?

Yes. If passengers suffer injuries during an accident as a result of another's negligent driving, then they may have a claim for monetary damages. Gainesville accident attorneys can help passengers pursue their claims.

Can my lawyer assist with an insurance claim after an accident?

Yes. Sometimes insurance companies are stingy and do not want to fairly compensate. Personal injury lawyers can make sure insurance companies act in good faith and follow the terms of the policy.

I’m not hurt. Do I still need to see a doctor after a car accident?

Probably. Some injuries are not always immediately noticeable. By seeing a doctor, you may discover issues that are not obvious.

Who pays for my medical bills if I’ve been injured in a car accident?

Insurance may cover some or all medical bills incurred. If insurance does not cover your medical bills, then you may be able to pursue a claim against the other driver to recover damages.

The insurance company is disputing my injuries. What should I do?

If an insurance company disputes injuries, you will need evidence to support your claim. A personal injury attorney can help you gather the necessary medical records and other evidence to prove the validity of your injuries.

Can I receive compensation if I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt?

Yes. While failure to wear a seatbelt may create questions about certain damages, it does not absolutely bar a claim for damages.

What if I believe the accident I was in was at least partly my fault?

Even if you are partly at fault in an accident, you may still recover damages. Partial fault may decrease the amount of damages, but it does not necessarily bar your claim.

Can I still win my case if my memory of the accident now conflicts with things I might have said at the time of the accident?

Yes. Other evidence may be used to show that your recollection was inaccurate. A personal injury attorney Gainesville, FL, can help analyze the evidence to see if your claim is possible.

I was in a car accident and the airbags in my car didn't deploy. Do I have a case against the car manufacturer?

Possibly. If the evidence shows that the airbags failed to deploy due to a defect in the vehicle and you suffered damages as a result, then you may have a case against the manufacturer.

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