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Any car crash is scary, but car accidents that involve pile ups and/or the collision of multiple vehicles and bikes exceed traditional notions of fear. These types of accidents present significant dangers to not only those involved, but innocent bystanders and pedestrians as well. If you are involved in an accident with multiple cars involved, contacting a car accident attorney is Gainesville, FL is key.

Multi-Car Collisions

Multi-car collisions, or accidents that involve the crashing of three or more cars, are more dangerous than standard car accidents. When motorcycles, cars, trucks and travel trailers collide, it results in a great number of debris, broken glass, damaged steel and the release of gasoline and other fuels. Not only do these circumstances make it easy for passengers to find themselves trapped in their cars with little to no oxygen, but multi-car collisions are more likely to erupt in large fires, resulting in severe bodily injuries and fatalities. There are key points of information that Gainesville personal injury lawyers recommend all licensed drivers to be aware of to avoid accidents with multiple cars involved via defensive driving techniques.

Common Causes of Multiple Car Accidents

There are several factors that may contribute to a multiple car accidents. In fact, the negligence and/or error of one distracted driver can be all it takes to cause a huge pile-up. Consider the following common causes of multiple car accidents.


There is no doubt that distractions on the road prevent drivers from operating their vehicles in a responsible manner. Activities such as eating and drinking are common forms of distractions, as well as unnecessarily loud, bustling music that may prevent a driver from being fully aware of his/her surroundings in order to respond promptly.

Cellular Devices

It is well-known that the usage of cellular devices on the road is a major contribution to car accidents. Although Florida texting laws are treated merely as a secondary law, it is important for drivers to understand that text messages, phone calls and emails can wait. It is not appropriate to rely on beloved cell phones when driving, especially during trips on interstate highways.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of drugs (including illegal drugs and authorized prescription drugs with side effects such as fatigue and dizziness) and alcohol does not only violate Florida driving laws, but it results in a serious destruction of one’s mental capabilities. Alcohol and drugs often slow the brain and body down, making it much more difficult for drivers to adapt to their circumstances in a quick manner. Drugs and alcohol may also impair vision and perception.


Excessive fatigue may cause a driver to fall asleep on the wheel, which contributes to numerous car crashes each year. Drivers should not drive when placed under a significant amount of stress or when they are unreasonably tired.

Inclement Weather Conditions

In Florida, especially unpredictable cities such as Gainesville, it is common for fog and sudden rain to make the process of driving all the more difficult. Inclement weather conditions present significant challenges to drivers because it forces drivers to operate on slippery roads and work harder to detect their surroundings.

Poor Driving Skills/Adherence to Traffic Law

Lastly, accidents involving multiple cars can stem from drivers’ acts of negligence. When drivers avoid basic traffic laws (i.e. fail to make turn signals) or travel too closely to the tail end of another vehicle, a car crash is more likely to occur.

Multi-car collisions are no joke. Smart drivers should always practice defensive driving techniques and be on the lookout for any and all circumstances that may make the possibility of a car accident become a reality.

Involved in A Multiple Car Accident?

If you are involved in a multiple car accident, you may be at a significant legal, financial, medical and physical risk. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Seek medical attention. There is no doubt that a multiple car accident may result in severe bodily harm. Ensure that you and your passengers are safe. Seek medical attention from a professional as soon as possible.
  • Exchange contact information. Write down every participant and witness involved in the accident. If possible, exchange basic contact information with these parties.
  • Take photos. Record your account. Take as many photos of the scene as possible. Include photos of injuries and property damage. Keep record of any and all medical bills, diagnosis, lost wages and other important documents. You should also jot down an account of everything that occurred before and during the accident so that you do not miss out on details later. This will prove to be extremely useful.
  • File an insurance claim. You should report the accident to your insurance carrier. File a claim with supporting documentation. Be sure to review your contract before drafting your claim.
  • Contact an experienced auto accident attorney! The truth is that many insurance companies deny claims involving multiple car collisions. In their perspective, there is a person who is at-fault, and this person should be required to pay, not them. As such, it is crucial that you contact an auto accident attorney. You will need assistance drafting a successful claim, undergoing investigations, and even filing individual lawsuits if deemed necessary.

Determining Fault

In an accident involving so many participants and vehicles, it is difficult to determine who is at fault. Many insurance companies blame at least two of the parties. When determining fault in these types of cases, there is usually a special investigator assigned. The following factors may be considered to determine fault in a multi-vehicle collision:

Evidence of police action

Investigators in multiple car accidents desire to know if anyone was negligent or otherwise reckless on the road. This indicates that a driver abandoned his/her duties of care to other individuals on the road, threatening the safety and wellbeing of many. By reviewing police reports or any evidence that suggests that a police officer ticketed a driver for speeding, failure to yield, possession of alcohol and other narcotics, intoxication, or a suspended or revoked license, an investigator is likely to find the person who is initially responsible for the pile-up.


To gain an account of what occurred, investigators will interview any and all passengers, drivers, parties and witnesses.


Photographs and other records are also reviewed to determine fault.

Evidence of past violations

In order to determine the general behavior of a given driver, investigators will review priors and past traffic violations, tickets and accidents. It is highly probable for a driver with a long record of offenses to be at fault for a multiple car collision because these records demonstrate that such driver has behaved irresponsible on the road in the past.

Even still, determining fault in a multiple car accident case can be extremely difficult and at times misleading. Whether you are wrongfully accused of being at-fault, or whether you desperately desire to find the person responsible for the pile-up, you must rely on car accident lawyers in Gainesville.

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